Carolina Hill is an emergency assistance (EA) shelter for families experiencing homelessness operated by a private, non-profit (Chapter 180, 501(c) 3) corporation.   Since 1988, we have provided services designed to break the cycle of repeated homelessness and housing insecurity experienced by many families.   We treat our residents with dignity and respect, without prejudice or judgement. Our caring and committed staff can accommodate families whose members may have special needs (e.g., developmentally disabled or handicapped). Our physical facility and its location are ideal for a family shelter with a fenced yard, a recreation building for young children and a fully-equipped classroom for adult education classes. The average length of stay for a family at Carolina Hill is three months.   Our facility houses up to 17 families at a time.

                                                                                                         Board of Directors

          Marc D. Binder, Ph.D., President       Katherine W. Stovel, Ph.D.       Lewis P. Rubin, M.D.      Paula R. Binder      Sam E. Rubin       Katrin R. Binder

our Programs

Training is provided in basic life skills such as money management, parenting, nutrition, assertiveness, advocacy and accessing community resources. These training programs, which emphasize the acquisition of skills, confidence and information, lead to a certificate of "housing readiness" and can expedite a successful housing search. We also provide case management, housing search, GED and ESL classes.  Although all Carolina Hill residents share a common problem of homelessness, many are also escaping situations of domestic violence and/or recovering from substance abuse. We refer families to outside services and agencies for childcare, individual, group and family counseling, community support, domestic violence programs, furniture programs, substance abuse programs, day programs and much more. After our families are successfully placed in a new home, we offer follow-up services to assist their smooth transition into local schools and social services.

Our Mission

our People

  Cynthia Lanctot, Program Director
  Stephanie MacDonald, Associate Program Director
  Valerie Willette, Re-Housing Manager
  Kerry Griffin, Adult Education Coordinator
  Dianne O'Handley, Residential Staff
  Caitlin Sanderson, Residential Staff
  Stephanie Camelio, Food Services
  Kristie Griffin, Residential Staff

  Marc D. Binder, Ph.D., Executive Director